ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ My Notes

Occulus Quest


                The usb type-c cable that comes with the occulus is recognized as usb 2.0 by the occulus app. 
                Don't worry about it as long as it works.

                Open Task manager -> Details -> OVRServer_x64.exe -> Priority -> Realtime

                Reboot occulus (not the computer) if the occulus link is not detected.

                Prefer steam vr games as they are cheaper and more portable than occulus exclusives.

                Clean the lens before play as they do get foggy.

                Close all other apps, free all usb ports even disconnect internet (anything that can consume resources)


                1. Half life Alyx: Best experience so far in every aspect.
                2. Elite dangerous: No controller tracking. Hated it. Refunded.
                3. Subnautica: Just did not like it. Refunded.
                4. I expect you to die: Like it very much though controller support is more Vive Index oriented.
                5. GTA 5 with R.E.A.L and MVGA mods: Motion sickness :(
                6. Sharecare VR: Very good for learning human anatomy. Slicing and teleporting to inside of organs!
                7. The Lab: Very good. Enjoyed archery and flying the drone around the warehouse.